Gabi's Corner

List of Events

March 13th-14th 2010 29th New Ulm Trade Fair and Living History Event
Sponsored by the Northern Rifleman
Turner Hall, New Ulm MN
For information, contact:
Michael Emery 651-247-4733 

May 1-3 Cherokee Ridge Runners Spring Rendezvous                             Cherokee, Iowa                                                                                                   For information, contact:                                                                                   C.W. Miller 712-225-2024                                                                                Bill Speirs 712-373-5072

May 2-3 2009 Root River Riflemen Rendezvous
Near Chatfield MN
For information, contact:

May 15-17 2009 Farm America School Days                                           Waseca, MN
For information, contact:
 Mike "Two Tone" Kellner at 507-837-9312

May 22-25 2009 2nd Annual Drifting Goose Rendezvous
Sponsored by the Dacotah Territory Muzzle Loaders
DTML Range site, Aberdeen SD
For information, contact:
Mike Thelen 605-887-3645

May 29-31, 2009 Morristown Dam Days Rendezvous                              Morristown, MN                                                                                               For information, contact: Mike Gordon 507-373-3433 or 507-383-1791

June 12-14, 2009 Hangfires Black Powder Club                                       Bemidji, MN                                                                                                        For information, contact:                                                                           

Janet Haugan 218-444-5372 or                             Keith Johnson 218-751-9433 



 June 12th-14th, 2009 South Fork Renegades 16th Annual summer rendezvous 1840’s Fur Trade re-enactment. 18423 Walden Ave. West. Hutchinson, MN. Black powder shoots, hawk and knife throws, fry pan toss and old fashion fun. Desert. Social Saturday Evening. Wood and water provided. Free to the public. Contact: Daryl (Cisco) Beilke 320-583-0466 Lynn Nelson 320-587-9278

June 21-27 2009 High Plains Regional Rendezvous
Sponsored by the OHPRRA
Booshway, Kirk "Klatch" Redmond
Jan Zaeske
Scribe Jeanne Roster 701-428-9985

June 26-28 2009 Mille Lacs History Festival & Rendezvous
Isle/Wahkon, MN
For information, contact:
320-676-3945 or

June 26-28, 2009 Blue Moon Rendezvous                                                     Pilot Mound, Iowa                  
For information, contact:                                                                               Rob or Patti 515-353-4207

July 3-5 2009 13th Annual 4-Moons Rising Rendezvous
Independent organization Gary, SD
For information, contact:
Booshway Thane "No Shadow" Wells
17727 474th Ave. Clear Lake, SD 57226

July 11-12, 2009 Plum Creek Muzzle-Loaders
Camp set up Fri. 11. Primitive & modern camp sites. Shoot & Reg. Sat. NOON. Shoot at 1:00 . Wood & Water Furnished. Range & Site. 2 mi. S. & 1 mi. W. of Walnut Grove
For information, contact:
Leonard McLaughlin Box 552 Walnut Grove MN 56180

July 18-19, 2009 Bearclaw Muzzleloaders Rendezvous                               Near Detriot Lakes, MN                                                                                  For information, contact:                                                                               Allan Witthoeft 218-846-1063

July 18-19, 2009 Barron Island Rendezvous                                                     La Crescent, Mn                                                                                                     For information, contact:                                                                              507-895-6297 or 608-526-4206

July 24-26, 2009 The Love of the Land Rendezvous                                 Pipestone, MN                                                                                                   For information, contact:                                                                             Cynthia Portz 507-825-4560                                                                       Helena Carlson 507-825-4474

July 25-26 2009 Forts Folles Avoine
Near Danbury, WI
For information see the website

July 31- August 2, 2009 White Oak Rendezvous
Deer River, MN 56636
For information, contact:
(218) 246-9393

August 7-9, 2009 Te Tonka Ha Rendezvous                                                  Lake Benton, MN                                                                                             For information, contact:                                                                              507-368-9577 or

 August22-232009Ahlman's Shooters Roundup                              Morristown, MN                                                                                               For information, contact:
Mike Gordon 507-383-1791

September 11-13 2009 Peddler's Grove Rendezvous
Farm America, Waseca, MN
For information, contact:
 Mike "Two Tone" Kellner at 507-837-9312

September 11-13 2009 28th Annual Sweetwater Rendezvous
Sponsored by the Dacotah Territory Muzzle Loaders near Bristol, SD
For information, contact:
Mike Thelen 605-887-3645 or

September 18-20 2009 Hartford Buckskinners Encampment XVIII
Woodlawn Park, Hartford, WI
 For information, contact:
Jame "Lead Bottom" King 262-673-9892
Kirk "Little Bear" Crisp at 262-644-5881

September 19-20 2009 Trail of Courage
For information, contact:
Fulton County Historical Society
 574-223-4436 or

September 24-27 2009 Zumbro Bend Rendezvous
Mantorville, MN
For information, contact:
Vicki Peterson at 507-635-5773

September 25-27 2009 Wapiti Shoot & Rendezvous
Elk River Sportsman's Club, Elk River, MN
For Information contact:
Richard "Three Feathers" Hensel
763-263-7482 or

September 26-27 2009 The Lester River Rendezvous
Duluth MN
For information, contact:

Don Chesney or by phone 218-721-4501

October 1-4 2009 Big Island Rendezvous & Festival, Inc.
701 Marshal Street Albert Lea, MN 56007
For information, contact:

October 8-11 2009 Owatonna Rendezvous
Camp fee $20
For information, contact:
Del Jones & Nancy Hallenberger or

October 22-25 2009 Big Muddy River Rendezvous
Winona, MN
For information, contact:
Luke Acord at 507-458-5109


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