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This is the web site for R K Lodges, makers of high quality quality primitive lodging. 

Need something rendezvous? I bet you will find it here. Check them out first. They have great prices and even better service.
This is another tent maker, check them out for your lodging needs.

Want a high quality canvas tent? You will find it here.

This site gives a lot of really good history on fur traders in the United States.

This is a great source for period correct rendezvous things and has unique things that other places do not have.

Looking for olde tyme recipes? Check this site out, they have a lot of great ones.

If you are looking for rendezvous' that are not listed on our site? Not only do they have a great list, they also have links to many club's site.

Local supplier of guns and gun parts as well as many other period items.

With the most comprehensive period patterns, Eagle's View has all you need to dress the part.

Need to learn about Buckskinning? Read all about it here. 

Want the Powderhorn? Get it here!

Learn the history right, visit us for all you need to know about old times and older ways of living!



Other Club Sites

Four Moons Rendezvous

Big Island Rendezvous

Owatonna Rendezvous

Twin Cities Muzzle Loading Club
Root River Rendezvous

White Oak Rendezvous

High Plains Page

Dacotah Territory Muzzle Loaders

Norther Rifleman selling goods as well as hosting the New Ulm Trade Fair

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